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Weekend Recharge

Makiki Tantalus Trail

My goodness! This was a super productive weekend … which means it really didn’t prep me for the upcoming week. I got a lot done but I feel like I need to go to work so I can rest. Evenings and days off should all have a common goal; it should recharge you for the next round. Without proper and consistent recharging, we risk loss of innovative thinking, patience, proactive behaviors, and even burnout. 

It is so interesting to learn what recharges a particular person. Is it gardening or watching television? Exercising or reading a book? Socialization or solitude? Routine or adventure? What helps you soothe the challenges of the past week and prepares you to tackle the ones in the future? If you are having a difficult time answering the questions or pinpointing your pressure release valve, try answering these questions:

What would I do right now if I didn’t have to worry about anyone else?

Do I want anyone to come with me or do I want to be alone?

Would I like to do it early in the day or late at night?

These seem like pretty straight forward questions but they start a conversation within yourself that is meant to rediscover (or discover) what makes you happy. What makes us happy today may miss the mark after your last child leaves for college. The promotion you accepted may place additional stressors on you that require different ‘recharging activities’ when you are away from work.

The bottom line is finding activities (or rest) that helps us be the best person we can be. How can we hope to reach our potential if we don’t take care of ourselves from a mental perspective? For me, exploring the world and seeing things others miss is what recharges me.

What recharges you?

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